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We do not have to wait for good weather to go fishing, but it helps make for a pleasant day on the water.

Spring time means changing weather and migrating fish. Be sure to check out the articles on Tarpon as they start their migration up the east and west Florida coasts. These and other fish are following the bait so look for the bait and you'll find the fish.

New Feature - Expanded Tide and Current Charts

We always used David Flater's xTide application to generate the tide charts on the current fishing conditions and fishing log details pages. We have now expanded the use of the xTide application to enable you to find a point on the map to show all of the tide and current stations in the surrounding area.

Double clicking on the tide selection map generates markers indicating reference and substations. You can click on one of the markers to get details about the station. Details include location name, GPS coordinates, and a link to the graphic chart.

Clicking on the URL to the chart takes you to a new page with the chart depicting the tide for the current date. Select another date from the calendar above the chart to view the tide predictions for a past or future date.

NOTE: Due to performance issues with Internet Explorer the link to the tide selection page is not visible if you are using any version of Internet Explorer. All other browsers work great and you will have access to the Tide link in the navigation bar above. If you are using Internet Explorer and do not mind waiting for the markers to display, then click here to go to the new page. We are working to determine how to improve the performance with Internet Explorer and will enable the link when we find the performance is acceptable.

New Article on Fishing Back Country Structure

Barrie Mann returns with another article on techniques he is learning on the saltwater flats. Barrie describes how the untrained eye can find structure where there does not seem to be any. Click here for the article...


Of course we continue to deliver current fishing conditions under the fishing trip planner and the ability to track your fishing trips with online fishing logs.

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Courtenay Sheeley "everyone one should get this, it is great to be able to go back and check conditions on last trip and compare to present conditions."

Inshore Fishing Journal Here is a testimonial from Brad King owner/operator of South Again Charters out of Destin, FL. "I just found your website and let me the first to say that it is an awesome site. I spend so much time hand writing in my journal and half the time when I go back I can't read it!!" Thanks Brad, we're hoping all your clients have "Bent Rods and Big Smiles"

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Reid Martin and his granddaugter Laney enjoy boating and fishing together

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